What are the Rosaries made of? 
All our Rosaries and decade bracelets are made of #36 nylon seine cord or other #36 twisted cord. This type of cord is remarkably strong – virtually unbreakable. In addition, its size makes it ideal for forming substantial knots, whereas some sellers use a cheaper #18 cord which results in very small knots. 

Do you dye the cord? 
Suzan hand-dyes the cord for all DOK Rosaries, with the exception of the variegated colors, such as Ocean Sunset, and white, which is undyed. Cord is dyed in batches so when we switch to a new dye lot slight variation in color may result. 

Who makes the variegated cord? 
An American supplier provides our variegated cord such as that used in Ocean Sunset. It is #36 cord that is made of three twisted strands. The strands are dyed before the twisting process. 

Who makes the Rosaries and bracelets? 
The Rosaries are handmade in the USA by Catholics who love the Rosary! Doer of Knots is a family business. 

Are Rosaries returnable? 
The Rosaries are not returnable, due to the fact that we make so little money on each transaction. In fact, when one considers the time and materials put into making the Rosary, we are working for far less than minimum wage. However, if there is a problem with a Rosary you receive please contact us so that we can work something out. 

How long does it take to make a Rosary? 
All things considered, it takes about an hour to craft one Rosary. 

Are the Rosaries blessed? 
The Rosaries and Rosary bracelets have not been blessed. We encourage you to have your Rosary or Rosary bracelet blessed when you receive it. 
The St. Joan of Arc holy cards have been blessed. 

Are the Rosaries suitable for children? 
Babies seem to enjoy chewing on the knots of these Rosaries and Rosary bracelets! However, do not leave a baby unattended with a Rosary or Rosary bracelet. The Rosaries stand up well to wear and tear from use by children. Keep in mind that seine cord is virtually indestructible. Do not allow children to wear the Rosary around the neck while playing. 

Can the Rosaries be washed? 
Yes! The seine cord we use is actually created for marine applications. We hope this will remind you to be a fisher of men! But it also means you can wash your Rosary. Hand wash and hang to dry.